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Rent A Girlfriend – Season 1 and Season 2


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A fantastic slice-of-life romantic series is always my favourite. I did, after all, publish a 12-volume collection of light novels in that precise genre!

However, Rent-A-Girlfriend (Kanojo, Okarishimasu) was the subject of a lot of excitement, and the show’s idea sounded promising. I thus wanted to investigate it and learn more about it. Did the first season do enough for me to merit placing the upcoming season two on my “must watch” list now that it has concluded?

Let’s go!


The plot of Rent-A-Girlfriend is rather straightforward. Kazuya, a college student, lost his lover Mami after just one month. Sick of launching knuckle infants into waiting Kleenex boxes, he finds a Girlfriend Rental business.

Enter Chizuru… everyone’s favorite waifu of the season.

Kazuya goes on a date with Chizuru but struggles with her feelings. He leases her out once more to reprimand her because he knows it’s all an act. This reveals Chizuru’s true self—that of a tsundere—and the journey of these two getting to know one another, encountering strange circumstances, and gradually discovering that there could perhaps be something between them starts.

That is about as in-depth as the tale for this show goes, but it is a good illustration of how to get more done with fewer resources. The major hook of this program is the unique scenarios and the hole that Kazuya creates, which simply keeps getting deeper and deeper with each episode. It demonstrates Chizuru’s dedication to not just her profession but also to safeguarding Kazuya because he is a customer of hers because despite having the power to halt this farce at any time, she keeps doing Kazuya a solid.

Even though the plot itself tries to justify their additions, the series does attempt to break things up by introducing a few new characters, which does, in fact, spice things up. The only problem I have with that is that it is painfully obvious that everything is about Kazuya x Chizuru, so the additional characters and side romances seem more like a failed attempt at a distraction than anything else. However, having only two characters for the duration of the entire series would grow boring pretty quickly, so I can definitely see trying to vary things up a little.

Overall Thoughts

Simple accomplishes what simple is and does it exceptionally well. This show was much easier to get lost in because of the limited cast and straightforward premise. Kazuya getting into situations over and over again was hilarious, and I wanted to see more of it. It was fun to see the characters grow over time. It didn’t make you feel anxious or irritated from moving too quickly or slowly, either. The show’s pacing seemed natural, and although though I was concerned that it might have a hurried or ambiguous conclusion once season two was announced, I thought that it concluded the programme at the ideal point.

Rent-A-Girlfriend lives up to the hype if you enjoy comedic romantic series with a slice of life element. Even while it’s not the finest slice-of-life romance I’ve ever seen, it was really satisfying and left me wanting more. I’m absolutely going to watch season 2, and I can’t wait to see what happens once the cast returns!

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